Tenure, BloombergGenerally, I think very highly of teachers. For all the work they put in, they should have some job security. But this Bloomberg article, “Old professors never quit, they just hang around,” raises some good points about the problem with tenure. Coasting, a decline in creativity, financial guarantees and, worst of all, obsolescence, are all real issues. Has tenure outlived its original purpose, or does it simply need to be redefined?

Eleven things you might not understand about your minister” is a really thought-provoking list from a former pastor. Some of these things you might have guessed, but others will probably be surprising. Pastors work very hard, even though much of it is never seen or appreciated. The emotional, physical and social tolls are probably much larger than we realize. Christians should read this. And we should be more appreciative and sympathetic to our earthly shepherds.

I’m not a deliberate dieter — I try to be more accidentally healthy — but here’s a brief, helpful article about various popular diets from The Post. It offers a quick examination of gluten-free diets, the paleo diet, “clean” drinks diet, fasting diets and the Mediterranean diet. It points out the ups and downs in each of them. Spoiler, looks like the Mediterranean diet is one of the best options — paleo is okay, also — because it permits most foods and focuses more on overall health than weight loss.

A helpful, frightening article about the situation in Egypt: “The storm before the storm.” There’s not much to add yet.

This video of Ashton Kutcher’s speech at the Teen Choice Awards went viral this week. It’s worth a look.

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