Millennials don’t buy nearly the number of movies, albums, magazines or books that previous generations did. We’re fine subscribing to Netflix, watching YouTube, going to Spotify and reading online. We don’t need to own things; we just want access to them. So, how do entertainment companies, publishers and retailers market to a generation that doesn’t need to buy their products? That’s the premise of Emily Steel’s piece in Financial Times, “Entertainment: Generation Next.”

Here’s a crazy article about a really bizarre phenomenon: wind turbine syndrome. Now that wind power is becoming more common, turbines are moving into cities and neighborhoods. More than a few people claim the turbines are making them really, really sick. The data is mixed, and some think the illness is a self-fulfilling prophecy, but there is also reason to believe that infrasound — sound that affects us, even though we can’t hear it (like infrared light, which cannot be seen with the naked eye) — may cause some people to become sick. 

Holy Matrimony, Batman!” An insightful and funny piece on the Calvin Writers Blog about the nature of “true love.” Don’t worry, it’s not too sappy.

Here’s an article in The Washington Post that every scientist should read. A researcher/physician wrote a press release that contained results about a drug he’d been testing. All of his data and facts were correct, but a judge and jury claimed he overhyped the results and misled people. So, he told the truth, but he left out the context. This earned him six months house-arrest and means, if he loses the appeal, he’ll not be able to do research or medicine again. Talk about a big question of ethics and free speech.

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