I don’t expect to be in front of a computer this week, but I scheduled a few short posts in hopes of stirring you to thought and prayer.

Today’s the day we touch down in Nairobi. Please pray that we don’t feel tired. Not only that we don’t feel tired, but that we feel strong.

Pray that we get off to a good start with our hosts, that we can use some of our Swahili and not embarrass ourselves too badly.

Pray that we are flexible. That there is work for us to do and that we do it well.

Pray that the Spirit is clearly present. That any words we say will be loving and kind and wise, and not self-seeking.

Pray that we represent the Kingdom well, not any other land or tribe or agenda.

Pray for good relationships.

Pray for health and care and compassion.

Pray that, whatever happens, whether we are sick or ill, joyful or down-trodden, that God will be glorified.

Pray that the good work and the Spirit’s moves will be apparent while we’re there, but if they’re not, pray they are made clear before long.

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  1. praying!


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