Month: June 2016

Word Counts for Newbery Medal Winners

Everyone who writes children’s or YA lit wants to win a Newbery. That’s the pearl. But what’s the formula? Of course we know there isn’t one. Not exactly. And we also know we need to...

/ June 22, 2016

The issue is guns… and prejudice… and radicalism

Why can’t it be about each of those things? Inevitably, too many have forgotten to mourn with those who mourn. Instead they have moved directly into the politicization. So, first, mourn. * * * Keep...

/ June 14, 2016

Come November, I’m voting for democracy

Here is the bottom line: Donald Trump does not represent the ideals of democracy. He is an authoritarian egoist, a celebrity of insolence, a self-made cult of personality. Many of the values he openly professes...

/ June 9, 2016