So far on Fridays, I’ve posted links to things I think are interesting, funny, cool, provocative, worth looking at. I want to do the same today — with extra emphasis — because it’s the work of a friend and fellow writer.

Sean Binkley traveled abroad with me — and 28 other students — in 2009 (I can’t believe it was that long ago — so much has happened since then). We lived together in Cairo, and traveled through some of the Middle East.

Sean went back to Cairo and stayed for two years. He was there for the 2011 Revolution that toppled Hosni Mubarak.

Currently, he lives in Thailand. He’s written a novel called The Struggler… and it’s free… and it’s yours to read… and it’s here.

Here’s what Sean says about it:

The Arab Spring has dominated headlines on many days for the last two years. As someone who lived through part of that phase of history, events in Egypt and Syria touch me in many ways. The events I witnessed during and after the Egyptian Revolution of 2011, inspired me to write a new novel. It’s a story which I hope will resonate with others and which pays respect to the many Egyptians I knew who took part in those demonstrations.

Set in Cairo just after the toppling of a President, the Struggler follows the story of a young American ex-pat, Asher O’Brian, who returns to Egypt.  As the country undergoes the pain and turmoil of revolution, he discovers a deceased Egyptian friend has left him a flash drive, containing the story of an enigmatic figure called the Struggler. As he delves deeper into the story, Asher discovers a story of oppression and injustice, and the courage of one man to fight both in the face of adversity.

If this sounds like a story you would enjoy and if you’d like to gain a better perspective on some of the emotions, politics and social strains prompting so much discord in the Middle East today, then please feel free to take a look.

Many Thanks,

Shokuran Gidan,

Sean Binkley

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