By the time you’re 75, your heart will have beat 2.5 billion times.

It takes about 5 million steps to hike the Appalachian trail.

You’ll spend over 2 million minutes in school by the time you finish undergrad.

Some of these heartbeats and steps and minutes seem important as they happen, but most of them fly by, never again to be remembered.

Despite being very near the beginning of mine, I imagine a career moves along in the same way. Baby step after baby step, with the occasional jump mixed in.

Now, at the risk of this blog becoming a case in narcissism — something I very much want to avoid — I take some joy in pointing out a recent step I took in my work. In an event of unexpected blessing — sometimes God sends funny, good surprises — Al Jazeera asked me to contribute to a story on their Listening Post program.

The issue discussed is tech billionaires buying up newspapers and the effect it will have on the integrity and strategy of future journalism. My little clip comes at about 8:50.

Posted by Griffin Paul Jackson


  1. Congratulations! You sounded so knowledgeable and put together.


  2. very good Grif! sounds and looks like you do this every day.


  3. Nice job Griffin!


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