A sad day for everyone who eats


Friday, October 3, in the two-thousand and fourteenth year of our Lord,

the West’s inimitable culinary paragon,

the peerless Hot Doug’s,

shutters its doors in valedictory glory.

From no other succulent summits and in no other toothsome times

has such piquant, palatable, and positively nutritive delicacies

captured the hearts and gullets of so many

for so long.


Few modern mavens can now recall the long comestible winter

before Doug’s raised a light of hope

for the maws of civilized gastronomes.

A hope built of unadulterated esculent will

and enshrined forever

in mammalian and avian encasements.

Let every connoisseur say today and in our twilight

we lived in Meat’s Enlightenment.

Let every bon vivant and gourmand

pour one out for the first great bastion of meatly sanity,

the last true bulwark of caloric glory,

the crowning parapet of cardiovascular wizardry.


Many thanks, Hot Doug’s.

You go too soon.

And yet, even in your going,

you are never gone.

Posted by Griffin Paul Jackson

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